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Weekly Release information.


Reservoir level:

Release: (see table below)

12th July 2024



** Update 8th July; Release amendment as follows; Wednesday, 10th July Reduce to 1.32 cumecs from 13:30 then continue as below**
**Now included a Subscriber opt-in to send an e-mail when Release changes are made. This is at the bottom of the Home page**

Trigger Levels and actual Friday level

kielder 12.png

Historical Level 2023


Historical Level; 2022

DEc 30.JPG

Historical Level; 2021

KD Historical Level 2021.jpg

Historical Level; 2020


Historical Level; 2019

KD 2019.PNG

Historical Level; 2018

KD 2018 Lake Level.png

Historical Level; 2017

KD 2017 Lake Level.png

2024 Planned Release Document and Introduction

The links below include the Introduction PDF, and the 2024 Planned Release Dates and Times

2024 Proposed adjustments to the Kielder release schedule

The attached document gives advanced notice of release changes outside of the normal release schedule during 2024 

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