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This is our dedicated Kielder Water Release Website.

Here you will find information on the current and the next Releases.

**Update for January 2019**

A summary leaflet outlining what is covered in the Kielder Operating Manual and the basics of the way the Kielder scheme operates is now available for download. It includes comprehensive maps covering the components of the scheme across the region and the restrictions and controls on the release of water from Kielder Reservoir and hydropower generation. This update to the leaflet was launched in January 2019, alongside the updated full Kielder Operating Agreement (v3.0) used by Northumbrian Water and Environment Agency staff to manage the system effectively

Annual Trial Update. June 2018

Annual Trial Update. June 2018

The Environment Agency, Northumbrian Water Limited and the hydropower operator, Innogy Renewables UK Limited (formally RWE), have been working together to make changes to the operating arrangements for the release of water from Kielder Reservoir.  These arrangements were discussed with the public in October 2016 and were trialed at Kielder from November 2016 to October 2017.

The changes are intended to:
  - maintain the security of water supply to the North East;
  - better reflect natural changes in river flows which should protect the ecology of the river;
  - provide increased flood storage in Kielder reservoir;
  - increase the generation of clean, renewable energy;
  - take into account the requirements of river and reservoir users.

The annual trial has now come to an end and a report on its findings is available for download at the bottom of this page.

The monitoring of water temperature, water quality, flow, fish migration and electrofishing surveys will carry on and release information will continue to be published on this site.

In addition, Innogy have completed work on refurbishing the main hydropower turbine which allows for further flexibility in the volume of water that can be released at any time.

Annual Trial Review. June 2018.

Link to Annual Trial Review up to the end of October 2017

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